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green sand casting case

Zoomzu casting automatic molding machine exported to Hanoi, Vietnam

President Lu (middle), president Huang (first from left), President of Zhongzhu, and Vietnam customer inspection group

Customers check the machine configuration and understand the design principle of molding machine use and production, check the operation control of machine equipment and learn simple equipment maintenance


610mmx7100mm full automatic casting molding machine equipment production and installation completed, hoisting and delivery

Loading and delivery of automatic molding equipment

Each party holds one copy of the contract signed with Vietnamese customers

Zoomzu commissioning technicians take a photo with the head of Vietnam factory, Vietnamese customers give us a high degree of affirmation and recognition

Detailed commissioning drawing of medium cast molding equipment on site, the picture is taken by the commissioning personnel

20171117 510 X 610 1214

On November 17, 2017, zoomzu signed a 510 x 610 standard full-automatic molding machine with Vietnamese inspection customers. The machine and equipment passed the factory test on December 14 and arranged for delivery. The above is the recorded picture information and group photo for customer inspection. Thank your Vietnamese friends for their high affirmation of zoomzu. At the same time, we also know that "made in China" is coming to the international stage of the world in the communication of Vietnamese friends, and it has been recognized and affirmed more and more. As a child of China, we are deeply proud of our motherland.

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