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green sand casting case

Automatic casting molding machine for sewing machine parts casting production

201910610mm X 710mm6

Zhejiang Jinyun Xiandu sewing equipment Co., Ltd. purchased two 610mm x 710mm horizontal full-automatic molding machines with six double row chain plate casting lines in October 2019. Each machine is equipped with three double row chain plate lines. The above picture is taken at the initial stage after the commissioning of the first machine

The first mock exam is made by the automatic molding machine, and the sand mold is finished with the sand mold. The mould is mainly designed for different sizes, and the most can be cast out of six casting shapes.

The sand mold produced by the molding machine is gradually driven to the tail end through the chain plate line, and the sand mold is completely arranged to wait for the pouring of the pouring workers. The size of the sand mold nozzle (i.e. the size of the nozzle bar) is designed according to the single mold iron quantity of the product casting, which is convenient for rapid pouring and cooling and feeding of the casting! At the same time, we designed the exhaust port for the upper box of the sand mold.

By the molding machine production of sewing machine head casting maopei pieces, will be assembled through the processing of workers into finished products exported to foreign countries!

The picture above shows the director of zoomzu planning and explaining the overall design of the casting production line for the customer, Mr. LV, and the commemoration of zoomzu director taking Mr. Lv to visit the chain plate line in Fuyang customer factory, Anhui Province!

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