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green sand casting case

Automatic casting molding machine is used to produce ductile iron castings such as gate valve and butterfly valve

610mm X 710mm201911

Zoomzu horizontal frequency conversion 610mm x 710mm molding machine was debugged in Liaocheng, Shandong Province in November 2019. It is used to produce ductile iron castings such as cast gate valve and butterfly valve. The customer self-made simple sand processing supporting molding machine is used to cast in the form of "floor stand" in the daytime and at night, eliminating the original manual molding and reducing the labor cost. The above pictures are taken and recorded by the commissioning personnel after installation.

The mold picture of valve (gate valve) and the sand mold effect picture of placing mud core and waiting for closure after the molding


The butterfly valve mould with 6171 molding machine and the butterfly valve casting picture produced by molding machine


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