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green sand casting case

Production of cast iron grate by automatic casting molding machine


2019101450mm X 850mm550mm X 650mm

In October 2019, Langsi agriculture and animal husbandry Co., Ltd. of Liaocheng, Shandong Province, officially signed a contract with zoomzu at the Weifang exhibition in Shandong Province, ordering a 1450mm x 850mm horizontal parting automatic molding machine with a fully automatic molding production line and 550mm X A 650mm conventional full-automatic molding machine is equipped with a chain plate casting line, which is used for casting and molding production of grate in breeding hotbed. At the same time, it responds to the requirements of environmental protection policies and realizes the development of green casting. The picture above shows the picture records taken when the customer formally signs a contract with zoomzu and the molding machine production line is completed and delivered for use. Thank Mr. Liu and Mr. Xie for their trust and affirmation of zoomzu.

1450mm X 850mm

Sand box size 1450mm x 850mm horizontal molding production line and molding machine loading and delivery photo record

1450mm X 850mm

The 1450 mm x 850mm sand box completes the molding of two castings at one time, and two pouring nozzles are set in the middle. It is also the horizontal automatic casting molding machine with the largest sand box size in China. The picture on the right is a picture of the casting product after casting molding.


The surface hardness test of sand mold after commissioning and delivery of casting molding machine shows that the compactness is about 85

The mold picture record and the broken casting picture of the main molding machine for the grate of breeding hotbed

550mm X 650mm

The foundry workshop is a 550mm x 650mm sand mold casting molding production line, and a single host is equipped with two double row and double row chain plate pouring lines

1435mm X 850mm

The 1435mm x 850mm main casting machine is equipped with a horizontal automatic molding production line. The cross section of the sand mold after molding production is large. In order to ensure the overall stability of the sand mold, it is necessary to equip a flat trolley station for transportation and transportation, so as to avoid sand mold box cracking and other problems.


The 40 ton clay sand processing line assembled in the sand mixing workshop provides standard machine sand for the molding machine and molding production line, and also ensures the environmental sanitation and tidiness of the foundry workshop.

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