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green sand casting case

A case study on the furnace of Luogang automatic molding machine in Hubei Province

550mmX650mm20192020|Luogang, Hubei Province, uses the 550mmx650mm full-automatic frequency conversion molding machine of China foundry machinery to produce the furnace head and furnace frame. The equipment was officially put into production in the middle of 2019. The production mode of manual push type and swing stall was adopted. The molding machine was molded in the daytime and poured at night. The above picture shows the actual production picture of the molding machine, which is the record of business manager's return visit to customers in 2020

|In the first mock exam, the first mock exam can produce eight cookers. Because of the lighter weight of the stove, the thickness of the casting wall is thinner, the cooling time of the molten iron into the cavity is very fast. After trying to change the pouring water and pouring way, the yield of eight castings can reach ninety-five percent.

|The molding effect of placing coated sand core by sand shooting compaction demoulding with automatic molding machine and the casting pictures after pouring and crushing

|he scene pictures of manual furnace opening and pouring at night and the sand mold images placed automatically by molding machine during the day

   |The client general manager Luo visited the workshop of zoomzu factory in the later stage to visit and communicate the production and casting technology, and Mr. Luo personally wrote the picture record of "zoomzu grand plan" for our company

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