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  • Automatic frequency conversion horizontal molding machine (710mm X 610mm)

    Sand embryo size : 610*710*380mm (Length * width * height)
    Modeling method: Pneumatic sand blasting + hydraulic compaction
    Modeling speed: 36sec/mold (Excluding the time for placing mud core)
    output voltage: AC220V ~ 380V(DC24V)
    Motor power: 18.5KW
    Sand weight: 230kg
    Net weight of machine: 10500kg
    Sand box Height: TOP sand box100--180mm Bottom sand box100--180mm (Adjustable)


  • Top shot sand + Bottom shot sand molding machines (710mm X 610mm)

    Top shot sand + Bottom shot sand molding machines

    Sand embryo size : 420*520*300mm (Length * width * height)
    Modeling method: Pneumatic sand blasting + hydraulic compaction
    Modeling speed: 38sec/mold (Excluding the time for placing mud core)
    output voltage: AC220V ~ 380V(DC24V)
    Motor power: 18.5KW
    Sand weight: 250kg
    Net weight of machine: 11500kg
    Sand box Height: TOP sand box80--150mm Bottom sand box80--150mm (Adjustable)
    Outline size: 4130*2441*4068mm(Length * width * height)


  • Automatic Molding Line

    Station trolley: Material HT250.High frequency annealing
    Sand box: QT450-10.Inner wall machining
    Pressing iron: HT250,160KG-180KG.Underside processing
    Hydraulic system: Siemens 11kw variable frequency motor.Yuken hydraulic oil pump
    PLC:(OMRON)PLC;10 inch Omron touch screen
    Manipulator pressing iron sleeve device: Cross cylinder;Lifting cylinder;Two sets of manipulator pressing iron sleeve box device;One set of transfer frame and one set of transfer vehicle;One set of lifting car;operating platform;Seats and solenoids;Tank chain;Internal wiring and piping;
    Sanding mechanism: Siemens variable frequency 1.5KW motor,Weldment,high frequency annealed:Gantry CNC machining


  • ZOOMZU —— Automatic frequency conversion horizontal molding machine . electrical control system
  • OMRON PLC of Japan supports HACCP process processing standard. Omron intermediate relay, Omron proximity switch, Omron encoder, Omron safety grating...
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  • Yuken double vane pump: Yuken electromagnetic reversing valve, Yuken pressure proportional valve, Yuken flow proportional valve, internationally famous ...
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  • Siemens frequency conversion motor is energy-saving and power-saving, with stable operation and protection grade of IP55. It can be used in the environment with dust and humidity...
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  • Schneider thermal protector, AC contactor, air switch, strong adaptability to th protection treatment, can be used in hot and humid environment...
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  • Omron temperature control sensor and expansion module are widely used in the market, with good software and hardware compatibility, expansibility...
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  • Omron (Japan) 10 inch large display touch screen, integrated human-computer interface, easy to touch the keys, equipped with emergency stop button switch ...
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  • AIRTAC pneumatic solenoid valve, push cylinder, lift cylinder, international famous brand manufacturer of pneumatic components, with automatic dehumidification...
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  • ABOUT us
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  • Company Profile
  • Zoomzu Casting Machinery Co., Ltd
  • oomzu is located in Huashan Town, Huadu District. It is a modern technological enterprise that integrates independent design, development, production and sales of automatic casting molding equipment,After more than 10 years of industry experience accumulation, we have perfect technical R & D force and mature after-sales service team,It has made great breakthrough and contribution in the technical field of casting and molding industry,It has won the honorary titles of "municipal high tech enterprise", "national high tech enterprise", "innovative enterprise" and so on,And through the application for more than ten new practical patents and a number of independent R & D patents.Our promise is reliable quality, considerate service, reasonable price and timely supply... [ more ]

Committed to the production and development of stable and practical casting molding equipment

Four core advantages of zoomzu
  • 1
  • To be an international industry brand
    Excellent quality, guaranteed quality!
    1. Zoomzu is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, R & D, production and installation. It gathers a group of technicians and many mechanical automation design researchers who have been engaged in the production and assembly of casting molding machinery for many years.
    2. In strict accordance with IS09001 product quality system certification, with the concept of high efficiency, practicality and stability, we are specialized in the production and development of high-quality, high-cost automatic molding machines, horizontal molding lines, and the upgrading and transformation of foundry enterprises to provide professional planning and a complete set of solutions.
    3. Council member of China Foundry Association, organization member of China Foundry Association and member of China International Foundry Exhibition.
  • 2
  • Stability, coordination and practicability!
    Dedicated to provide you with the most appropriate modeling equipment
    1.Long term cooperation with the designated supplier according to the equipment specifications and models to ensure good coordination of the action interaction between all parts and system structures of the equipment and reliable stability in long-term production and use;
    3. Pay attention to the practicability in the actual production process of automation equipment, according to the long-term customer feedback and valuable suggestions, according to the actual requirements, combined with clay sand technology, keep trying and breaking through, actively innovate, upgrade and optimize, and produce a high cost-effective production equipment with real practical significance!
  • 3
  • High standards, high requirements and excellence
    Strictly control the standard of accessories
    1. The main frame adopts special tube customized fuselage and overall spraying treatment technology, high temperature heat treatment finalizes and stress relief treatment to ensure long-term fatigue resistance and deformation free use of the machine.
    2. Laser cutting, Toshiba of Japan, Haas of America and DMG of Germany are used to manufacture the parts, so as to ensure the uniformity and precision of the parts.
    3. All parts are processed by technology of setting, high frequency, carburizing, heat treatment, pickling, phosphating, baking paint, chrome plating, rust prevention, corrosion prevention, grinding, etc.
    4. The assembly shall be carried out after painting, and the infrared, three coordinate detector and digital display calibration measuring instrument shall be used to coordinate the assembly, so as to make the assembly standard in line with international standards and ISO quality management system standards.
  • 4
  • Improve pre-sale, in sale and after-sale
    Timely, professional and thoughtful
    1. Equipped with professional installation, commissioning, maintenance and other technical personnel.
    2. Provide free planning scheme and detailed site drawings before sale. Free installation, debugging, training workers to operate and use the equipment, etc.
    3. International general electrical components, simple mechanical faults are handled by telephone and video guidance, special circumstances to arrange technical personnel to remove the fault.
    4. One year warranty period for electronic components, free maintenance and replacement within the warranty period, regular return visit to customers and free maintenance, provide technical support, understand the actual use of customers and valuable feedback and suggestions, sort out and save customer process details.
  • ZOOMZU —— The third generation of automatic molding machine
  • Great craftsmanship
  • 1.
    The main color of the whole machine is warm and bright red, with simple and generous white, which is not too pompous, but also conveys a warm and positive spirit.
  • 2.
    Safety grating protection device; automatic fault detection system;
  • 3.
    Intelligent control, automatic operation, free switching of 21 languages, not complicated operation;
  • 4.
    The horizontal parting is convenient for the lower core of the product casting, and the slide out molding machine can be customized according to the casting demand.
  • 5.
    hrough pneumatic sand blasting, hydraulic compaction, sand mold compactness can be adjusted, 5 oil cylinders in the upper and lower parts of the sand box operate synchronously.
  • 6.
    The sand box and multi contact compaction system can be made according to the external shape and specification of the casting
  • 7.
    The sand injection system adopts one-way sand injection side exhaust to solve the problem of air return blocking the outlet valve.
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中铸机械 — 第三代全自动造型机


  • 1. 整机外观以热烈鲜明的红色为主色,搭配简炼大方的白色按色彩黄金比例分割设计,不过于浮夸张扬的同时传达了一种热情洋溢、积极向上的精神。

    2. 全机LED照明,模具配备加热灯高度位置可调;设有安全光栅保护装置,故障自动检测系统,自动注油润滑系统;油温系统自动加热、自动散热。

    3. 十英寸触摸显示屏结合钛合金摇臂的人性化设计灵活便捷,可自由切换21种国籍语言,智能控制自动化运行,操作简单无需专业工人。

    4. 水平分型方便产品铸件下芯,砂箱上下高度数控可调,可根据铸件需求定做滑出式造型机。

    5. 通过气压射砂,液压压实,砂型紧实度可调,砂箱上下各5条油缸同步运作,采用比例液压阀,运行平稳可控,行业首创防卡死专利。

    6. 可根据铸件外部形体及规格尺寸制作砂箱和模具,设置排气塞通过气体引流达到射砂无死角的造型效果,行业首创新型实用射砂专利。

    7. 射砂系统采用单向射砂排气,解决气路回气堵塞出气阀的问题,射砂筒内衬为不锈钢304,避免长期使用湿型砂导致射砂筒氧化生锈。

中铸机械 —— 客户利益最大化是我们的追求





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