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How many tons of clay sand treatment line is needed for the automatic horizontal casting molding production line

25510mm x 610mm8

The main function of the clay sand processing line is to recycle the old sand of the molding line, mix and match the new sand through the steps of sand falling, crushing and sieving, and provide sand for shooting for the molding machine of the molding line again. In normal operation, the automatic horizontal molding line needs to be equipped with a 25 ton clay sand processing production line for a single main machine, that is, when the main machine is linked without stopping or dropping the core, with a 510mm x 610mm sand box size molding machine, the clay sand consumption per hour is about 8 tons

The single machine equipment of clay sand processing line mainly includes vibration sand remover at the end of molding line, advanced magnetic separation, sand return belt, crusher, roller screen, hexagonal screen, boiling cooling bed, pulse dust remover, bucket elevator, right angle screen, used sand silo, high-speed rotor sand mixer and stock bin, etc., so as to realize integration, standardization and automation of the whole line, improve sand mixing efficiency and save labor At the same time, the dirty, disordered and poor working environment of the foundry was improved, which met the requirements of environmental protection policies.

550mm X 650mm/460mm30

If the space height of factory buildings or enterprise funds are limited, the form of "floor stand" can be used to replace the manual molding by molding machine alone, or it can be matched with simple sand treatment line. However, in view of the previous field use, the main problem of simple sand treatment line is that it can not deal with the dust accumulated in the long-term repeated use of used sand, especially the following casting with more coated sand cores In the production of parts, it is necessary to regularly add new sand into the old sand to ensure the permeability of molding sand, and in the process of sand mixing of old sand, it is not easy to control the matching of water and raw materials. Therefore, we suggest that the clay sand treatment line with high casting requirements and high finish requirements should be matched with the standard. (the above figure shows the 30 ton clay sand treatment production line designed by two 550mm x 650mm / 460mm automatic molding machines)

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