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电力金具铸造造型|Casting and molding production of electric equipment


中铸机械全自动造型机 550mm x 650mm 砂箱尺寸设备用于电力器材电力金具铸造造型,设备于2019年中旬在湖北投产运行,一模出六个铸件,需要了解设备使用情况或查看此铸件生产现场可联系我们,我们将安排本现场负责专员与您对接!

The first mock exam is zoomzu automatic casting molding machine 550mm x 650mm sand box size equipment for casting and modeling of electrical appliances and electric fittings. The equipment was put into operation in Hubei in mid 2019, and six casting pieces were produced. It is necessary to know the equipment usage or to check the production site and contact us. We will arrange the on-site duty officer to dock with you.



The effect drawing of the parting surface of the lower sand box after the electric power fittings have been shot and compacted by the full-automatic casting molding machine, the compactness is about 83-87!

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