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green sand casting case

Z4555 model casting molding machine exported to South Korea

Korean customers and Korean agents visit zoomzu assembly workshop to understand the performance configuration and operation of the equipment

The customer has a detailed understanding of the automatic operation page of the device and the function introduction of the device. The touch screen language has been changed to Korean.


Understand the hydraulic system of the molding machine. The motor frequency of the hydraulic station has been changed to 60 Hz

After comparing with many molding machine manufacturers in China, the customers finally choose Zhongzhu machinery, which is cost-effective, efficient, fast, stable and safe


The whole weight of the horizontal 450x550 automatic molding machine is 8.5t, which is hoisted by crane, and the masters of the casting machinery are loading and delivering

The matching parts of the model will be packed one after another, and will be shipped to Zhuzhou social service of South Korea by container shipping


On January 28, 2018, zoomzuz4555 full-automatic molding machine completed the final assembly, and was transported to Huangpu, Guangzhou in the afternoon of January 31, 2018 after the workshop assembly group, electronic control group and workshop management tested the product quality and performance, and then shipped to Incheon, South Korea by sea!

Korean customer's factory, the picture is taken by Korean agent

Use the sand mold of molding machine. Please find the sand mold picture of our station for the sand mold effect. The mold is ordinary manual mold with splint.


On February 19, the commissioning of the machine was officially put into production, and we will continue to upgrade and innovate, let the equipment of Zhongzhu go abroad, go to the international market, strive to build an international brand, and become an international molding machine brand.


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