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2018 China casting machinery new year party (annual meeting) and top ten contribution Awards


On December 27, 2018, zoomzu and all employees of meibn Holding Co., Ltd. of the head office held a new year's Gala and selected the top ten moving task contribution awards of the group company. The selection meeting began to sign in at 8:00 a.m. on December 27, 2018, officially started to be held at 9:00 p.m., and officially held the annual summary planning and annual award ceremony at 2:00 p.m

Before the meeting, all the staff stood up to take the oath of the company's system, chapter and culture declaration

Mr. Lu, chairman of the company, delivers the opening speech for the party



Summary of relevant work done by leaders of all departments for the past 2018 and development plan of the company in 2019

The program groups of each department of the company present the prepared program performance for the party -- three sentences, grateful sign language, nunchaku performance

Zoomzu's business group sang "boundless sky" and the group's business group representatives performed "congratulations and fortune"

The interactive link of the draw and the winner at the party

Director of Zhongzhu machinery stone works as agent of workshop assembly department, chorus "unity is strength" and team cooperation interactive competition game


Leaders of the company issue award certificates and annual bonus to excellent employees in 2018


Chairman of the board of directors awarded car award and cash award to excellent employees who created 10 million achievements and more than 15 million achievements for the group company in 2018

President Lu, chairman of the company, sang "father" and "mother" with factory employees at the party. And for the first time, he introduced his father to all the staff -- a respectable and outstanding communist party member and veteran soldier


Photos of some business employees of the company and domestic and foreign business employees of China Casting Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2018

Group photo of assembly personnel, electric control programming personnel and after-sales debugging personnel in some workshops of China casting machinery


At the evening party, all employees will have a dinner party to celebrate the coming of the new year 2019 and the achievements made by joint efforts in 2018


December 27, 2018 evening party (annual meeting) zoomzu and all employees of the head office

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