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Zoomzu - 2019 annual celebration and commendation conference concluded successfully


On the morning of January 11, 2020, under the leadership of Mr. Lu, chairman of the board of directors of zoomzu Corporation, the 2019 annual meeting celebration and commendation conference officially entered the site. It was held at 9:00 a.m. on time, summarizing the past 2019 work report and planning the development direction of the company in 2020, so as to prepare for the challenges and new opportunities in 2020.

Director of zoomzu stone factory (shiyoude), director of zoomzu general manager Huang manjin, CFO Lu Lihua to sign on site

Group photo of the company's management and all parts of the leadership and the sign in office

Zoomzu domestic trade and foreign trade business members take photos together

All employees read out the company's management system before the annual meeting

At the request of the company, in order to complete the morale display of each team under the leadership of the department leader, zoomzu team representatives won the first prize of the morale award this year.


Zoomzu team member's annual meeting performance for you

The technology innovation award awarded by the company to the technical staff was awarded to the technical director of zoomzu (Jiang Jurui), the sheet metal Department of zoomzu (Pan Shenxi), and the head of design department (Zeng Debin)

Model employee award and professional Award


To give the employees who have made outstanding contributions in the engineering field the open award, the best host award of the group company and the Service Award for the after-sales personnel of the installation, commissioning and commissioning

In the program planning of this annual meeting, we are honored to invite three distinguished guests, Chen Jian, Hong Kong actor, singer Zheng Shufeng and tease Gow Baoguo. Their song "years of friendship" brings the atmosphere of the annual meeting to a climax.


In 2020, three sales managers of the group company, including the champion, runner up and third place, won the company's awards

The unique reward way of Meibang group - on heroes with sacks! The bonus was distributed to the department leaders, and their efforts and achievements in this year were affirmed, which also confirmed the spirit and culture of "giving up" and "being grateful" since the establishment of the company.

During various Honor Awards, the company has arranged various lottery activities for employees, and countless surprises and gifts make the annual meeting more active


The first prize of this year is Emma electric car, the first prize is Apple iPad and the second prize is Huawei mobile phone


Looking back to 2019, looking forward to the coming 2020, the past achievements have become the past. We will not forget our original intention, look forward to the future, meet new challenges and opportunities with vigorous spirit and high spirits, and continue to compose new brilliance in the future. Let's drink to 2020 together.


Take photos of all employees of 2019 annual party!

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